gamesbynick said: OMG, I make a mistake replying to your post, and I can't even edit it. Anyways; HOT DAMN, this tag is just what I needed to find other devs, because I can't follow enough. Also, what does agdg stand for?

AGDG is a group of gamedevs that hang around (used to hang around) in 4chan’s /vg/ board in the Amateur Game Development thread (General). Lots of projects come and go and there’s usually new games every week to check out.

If you’re looking for even more devs, not limited to AGDG, I’d suggest the gamedev, game dev, indiedev, indie dev tags as well.

Do you love the vidya?

Want to see some cool ass gamedev projects?

Search agdg on tumblr

Some lion attack?

Some lion attack?

Anonymous said: are you still alive?

Yes, very much. I’ve been working on fullscreen and all the bugs that came with it. Also been working on saving the game too, new item mechanics and I just finished up almost all of the animations for new main character sprites. I just happened to get lazy with posting progress on tumblr because of the the crappy gif support. Up next is another round of bugfixing and probably some more content added.


The Cube and Me Kickstarter campaign is LIVE now! Thank you all so much for all the support!!

Kickstarter Link:

Steam Greenlight Link:

Cube and Me is a roguelite pet simulator RPG where you play as Lyle Dyson, an ordinary 22 year old who could only find a job as a freelance envelope folder. As Lyle, you will be tasked with raising your new friends, maintaining your job, and discovering the mystery behind the cubes by visiting randomly generated dungeons spread across the world. 
The game features:
*Real time combat, with RTS-like micromanagement 
*Prepare for your dungeon adventure by taking care of cubes and earning money!
*Treat your Cube babies well to have them evolve into a new generation of Cubes!
*Procedurally generated dungeons always provides unexpected danger and pleasant surprises.
*Take up to four Cubes to your dungeon exploration! Different colored cubes do three unique attacks each! Formulate the most optimal strategy that works with the different cube team synergy.
*Newspaper and Mail based passive story telling! Never worry about unskippable cutscene getting in the way of gameplay!

I just released a demo for Elysis, my top-down action-RPG!


Check it on and download the free demo by clicking here


Armored Dove is live!

with an hour to spare, too! 

i’m always open to feedback, so send me an ask or something if you’ve got anything to say. suggestions, requests, criticisms, out-and-out bugs, that sort of thing


i just put the page for Armored Dove up on gamejolt, which seems to mean that i just submitted it to the jam

i haven’t put up the jam build yet because i have just a few more wrinkles to iron out but for the most part Armored Dove has officially spread it’s wings

like, okay, stop. i want the image in your head to be Dove standing there in her big suit of armor and she’s got both arms fanned out from her body, and the entire radius between her hands and her hips is an enormous array of knives n swords n spears n shit

like you know the iron throne? imagine that, but Dove is carrying it around for the express purpose of throwing all of it simultaneously at someone

you know what? fuck it. picture Dove, except Dove has not only picked up but hoisted above her head the iron throne, and on top of it is this massive pile of terracotta undead-then-dead-again guys who have been stabbed on the protrusions coming off the top

that’s it. that’s the narrative. that’s Armored Dove.



Play that shit here.


Of all the jams I’ve done, this one was one of the smoother ones. For one, the musicbro delivered without incident and was very accommodating of all requests. I knocked out a majority of the animated spritework right off the bat, so we had alot to work with in terms…

Worked on item drops.
Click this to check out more stuff from my game, Elysis.

Worked on item drops.

Click this to check out more stuff from my game, Elysis.